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    Value is a matter of perception.

    Last week I participated in a very good discussion about the value of a service from both the agency and the client’s perspectives (see the post that originated the discussion and the follow-up post, both by @ginidietrich from Arment Dietrich PR). It’s very interesting to see how passionate people are about the value of their […]

    …And games Will Rule the Ad World

    If anyone still had any doubts of the impact of games on consumers’ choices, that doubt is quickly fading out.  Microsoft has broadened the marketing experience and branding possibilities inside Xbox games (See the article here). Aside from the standard banners and videos throughout the game, Microsoft is offering geographical targeting and the ability to […]

    Now YOU Are the Billboard

                  It is just me or the lines between media channels are becoming even blurrier these days?  Don’t mind campaigns that go cross-channel and campaign pieces that can be followed on facebook or twitter, now they can be followed as well on the CUSTOMER ITSELF. ”GirlInYourShirt” is offering exactly […]