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    Be Better by Being Wrong!

    I don’t know anyone who would want to be wrong.  Our culture is wired with a deep, primal need to always be right, which leads us to deceive ourselves into believing we actually are always right, which again leads us to believe that everyone else is wrong.   (Wait… WHAT??!?) Normally, one would think this is […]

    Don’t Try to Guess Customer Behavior (or… Customer Experience, Gunslinger Style)

    It’s interesting how you can find Customer Experience wisdom in the strangest places. The message I got for this post came in fact from a novel I was reading yesterday (The Dark Tower III, by Stephen King). In it, two of the main characters were discussing odd human reactions to certain situations when making decisions.  […]

    Company Brands After Recession

    I received these images in an e-mail the other day and it made me literally laugh out loud. I have no idea who created them or if they are already posted anywhere else, but I think they are too good to pass without sharing them. Anyway, below are some criative versions of some companies brands […]

    Belkin puts a price on its Customer Experience: 65 Cents

    Some companies may say that a good experience is priceless, but it seems that someone at Belkin really thought that he could get a few good experiences for a lot less and now the company is paying a steep price to recover their customers’ trust. The (dumb) idea was simple in concept: use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk […]

    Your Customers’ Brains are Changing!

    It’s official!  The new generation’s brains REALLY ARE wired to better handle the speed of the digital life (Read the Research). Problems generated by this change aside (and despite how amazed we can be sometimes with these kids’ feats – see video below), the fact is that people’s way of thinking have adapted to instantly process […]

    “Beam me up Scotty!” Google brings us one step closer to the future…

    Today, Google is launching a new way of doing searches, using the iPhone as a market test. If it works half as good as it looks like it does in the video above, then a future where we interface computers just by talking is nearby. A shift like this does not only change how people […]

    Apple’s New Enemy: Indecision!

    Apple’s finest moment leads to big mistakes. From a totally neutral perspective, Apple appears to believe that “the customer is always right,” adapting to their customers’ needs and attempting to accommodate every request. Apple’s desire to appease their most loyal customers, however, may come too late. The company has received multitudes of negative press since […]

    How to wreck your Marketing Efforts in just 3 Steps!

    Sometimes companies will bend backwards, and spend a lot of money, creating ad concepts that will highlight how great their Customer Experience is, but no matter how much one invests on marketing campaigns, if the ACTUAL experience doesn’t correspond to what you’re promising, the message you send to your customers will be completely different. One of […]