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    Archive for 'Privacy & Security'

    What American Taxi is doing wrong… (and maybe you too)

    Lots of companies make the mistake of believing that just creating an online version of your services is enough to minimize costs, increase ROI and expand your market share. What they forget is that bad implemented solutions (or weakly integrated channels) can hurt the customer experience more than the lack of service in the first place.

    Security and Usability are finally merging

    Security has always been placed in the opposite side of usability.  By default, when you think about adding security measures to a website, you are talking about creating extra processes or at least adding an extra layer or complexity to existing process, so invariably the site usability suffers.  Several promising researches were conducted in the past […]

    Security Breaches: Trash to Treasure?

    Several shocking security breaches, compromising the personal data of millions of customers, have been reported lately. Below are just a few of the most flagrant cases: – Chase trashes 2.6M customer files – Second Lifers’ ‘first life’ hacked – Wells Fargo leaks personal data – AT&T deceptive on data theft What amazes me about these […]