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    Tearing Money

    If you lived your whole life in the U.S., you may be oblivious to some curious everyday situations that I, as an outsider, can’t help but to find amusing. For example, everyday I tear money apart. No, I am not saying that I spend more than I should on a daily basis. I am stating […]

    You have the Customers you deserve…

    Here are two examples in the opposite side of the Customer Experience spectrum: The first one was pointed out today by Seth Godin in his blog and is a perfect case of holding a grudge against your customers without learning how to deal with them. At the “Four Paws Design” website, an oblivious customer may […]

    Does price matter?

    I usually say that I am a very practical person. I am proud of my capacity to research the best possible deal before purchasing anything. Moreover, when asked, I always say that price DOES matter to me. It matters a lot! Well, if this is true, why do I frequently end up paying more for […]