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    It Must be Customer Experience Week… Or Something

    It’s sad to admit it, but good customer experience is rare.  So rare that when we get one we feel all warm, fuzzy and surprised and run to tell everyone about it.   So rare (unfortunately) that even working this field, I don’t see good examples of CX quite often enough. This weekend, I had some exceptional […]

    Vox Study Reveals Ongoing Problems with Auto Insurance Websites

    I am proud to announce that Vox’s 2007 Automobile Insurance Mind Model Study is now available (this represents a considerable part of my work, so I better be proud :) ).  Anyway, the study examines the online channel to determine industry-wide norms and discover why companies succeed or fail in attracting and retaining customers. If […]

    California’s New Auto Insurance Regulations: If You Can’t Fight It, Ride It!

    Every now and then, our worlds change to the point that nothing is ever the same again. It may be for the better. It may not be. But one thing is for sure, we all have to be prepared to adapt. It seems the insurance market is witnessing one of these moments in the wake […]