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    Good Experience is the Best Strategy in an Economic Crisis

    In the midst of the economic crisis, while most banks are trying to keep attracting customers by offering higher interest savings and money market accounts, one bank (PNC) is thriving by focusing on delivering a unique online customer experience, specifically designed to target the generation Y (people aged 18 to 34, according to PNC demographics). […]

    Know Your Customer

    It’s already evident that successful enterprises are a result of carefully planned and researched strategies. Without understanding how your customers think, you will never be able to really get them to engage with your site, service or product.   Now, what most forget is that it is too easy to THINK you know your customers […]

    Apple’s New Enemy: Indecision!

    Apple’s finest moment leads to big mistakes. From a totally neutral perspective, Apple appears to believe that “the customer is always right,” adapting to their customers’ needs and attempting to accommodate every request. Apple’s desire to appease their most loyal customers, however, may come too late. The company has received multitudes of negative press since […]

    Is “Playing the Field” Worth Losing the One You’re With?

    Stop right there! If you were looking for some “how to improve your love life” article, you came to the wrong place. Rather, I would like to explore how the emotions involved in customer relationships are strangely similar to those you have with your loved ones. … Well, customers may be willing to share the […]

    Will AT&T Rot Apple’s iPhone?

    As expected, what really stands out about the new Apple iPhone isn’t the multitude of features squeezed into it, but rather its usability and the overall Customer Experience provided. Apple understands the importance of superior usability to enhance the Customer Experience and has done an excellent job of this since rolling out the first Macintosh.  […]

    Setting the Right Expectations

    I recently vacationed at a beach resort in Mexico. Before leaving, I was stressed, tired and a little bored. I didn’t really plan the trip beforehand, so I just hoped to have a clean place to sleep and relax for a whole week. Once in Cancun, I rented a crappy car and stayed in a […]

    Learning from your mistakes

    Here’s a good lesson to everyone that deals with customer experience: Learn from your mistakes. I know it seems obvious, but people usually confuse “acknowledge a mistake” with actually learning from them. Here are some examples: The company recognizes that something went wrong but is unable to pinpoint the real problem The company recognizes that […]

    Road trip to nowhere (or “just hang on, we are almost there”).

    Today I’ve learned two important lessons: 1. Some habits are forced upon you and others are very hard to give up. 2. If you are doing something different from everyone else, you are either remarkable or just plain dumb.   If I’d knew that this morning, it would have completely changed my day… Having lived […]