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    What American Taxi is doing wrong… (and maybe you too)

    Lots of companies make the mistake of believing that just creating an online version of your services is enough to minimize costs, increase ROI and expand your market share. What they forget is that bad implemented solutions (or weakly integrated channels) can hurt the customer experience more than the lack of service in the first place.

    Don’t Try to Guess Customer Behavior (or… Customer Experience, Gunslinger Style)

    It’s interesting how you can find Customer Experience wisdom in the strangest places. The message I got for this post came in fact from a novel I was reading yesterday (The Dark Tower III, by Stephen King). In it, two of the main characters were discussing odd human reactions to certain situations when making decisions.  […]

    Is “Playing the Field” Worth Losing the One You’re With?

    Stop right there! If you were looking for some “how to improve your love life” article, you came to the wrong place. Rather, I would like to explore how the emotions involved in customer relationships are strangely similar to those you have with your loved ones. … Well, customers may be willing to share the […]

    Everyone is your Customer

    A few days ago, I was reading a Tom Vander Well’s blog post titled “When Customers are Co-Workers” on QAQnA. The article reminded me of someone I met a few years ago. She worked in the research department of a big global company and after complaining to me once too often that no one valued her […]

    Bad, BAD Customer… No soup for you!!!

    “That’s it! I’ve been on hold for the past 45 min! If you don’t transfer me right now, I will…” – CLICK – And after that, all you hear is the dreadful tone of the busy line, indicating that, despite all your threats, you were disconnected – AGAIN!   If you ever suspected the call-center reps […]

    How to Deal with an Angry Customer

    I just read a entry on Seth Godin’s Blog that can be very helpful for people working with Call Centers and Customer Services. As always, Seth’s guide is simple and obvious, as it is supposed to be. But again, it may not be so obvious, given the number of companies that still have no clue […]

    Not all your customers are equal…

    When I was a kid, I was the one who would dismantle mom’s new blender to see how it worked… Sometimes, I would even put it back together again. Then, I grew up and became a computer geek. No surprise there, but the point is: I am proud of knowing how electronic equipment works and […]