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    CRM in Real World Interactions

    In my last post (“Welcome Back! Long Time, No See“), I commented on how face-to face interactions are being affected by the reliance on technology, subsequently missing real customer relationship development opportunities. After posting it, I realized that it wasn’t very fair. Technology and CRM tools can be useful for improving the Customer Experience in […]

    Customer Retention: Shift Your Perspective*

    Maybe I am a pessimist, but I think many companies today focus all their efforts and budgets on projects that don’t solve their main problem. They wait too long to realize when they need specialized help. It’s like being concerned with making dinner while the house is on fire. You don’t call 911 until the […]

    How to Deal with an Angry Customer

    I just read a entry on Seth Godin’s Blog that can be very helpful for people working with Call Centers and Customer Services. As always, Seth’s guide is simple and obvious, as it is supposed to be. But again, it may not be so obvious, given the number of companies that still have no clue […]

    Does price matter?

    I usually say that I am a very practical person. I am proud of my capacity to research the best possible deal before purchasing anything. Moreover, when asked, I always say that price DOES matter to me. It matters a lot! Well, if this is true, why do I frequently end up paying more for […]

    Talking about BAD customer experience

    A Man in Malaysia Gets $218 Trillion Bill. How does something like this get past the billing department?!? See the story here. *This post was originally published at the Customerspective Blog Tweet