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    Good Experience is the Best Strategy in an Economic Crisis

    In the midst of the economic crisis, while most banks are trying to keep attracting customers by offering higher interest savings and money market accounts, one bank (PNC) is thriving by focusing on delivering a unique online customer experience, specifically designed to target the generation Y (people aged 18 to 34, according to PNC demographics). […]

    Security and Usability are finally merging

    Security has always been placed in the opposite side of usability.  By default, when you think about adding security measures to a website, you are talking about creating extra processes or at least adding an extra layer or complexity to existing process, so invariably the site usability suffers.  Several promising researches were conducted in the past […]

    Banking Mind Model Study is finally released!

    For the past 4 months I’ve been helping to conduct a study about the Online Customer Experience on the U.S. Banking Industry.  The study is called “Mind Model” and is finally available for free download from Vox Inc at The Banking Mind Model Representation is a general analysis of how Banking industry websites are […]

    Banks silently charging Customers – or jailing them!

    A friend pointed out yesterday some news about how banks are charging when customers overdraw their accounts via ATM withdrawals – without informing them! – You can check it out here. At the same time, I read today on that Bank of America had a Customer thrown in jail for trying to verify if a check he […]

    Can Citibank’s Customer Experience Be Saved?

    It all began when I received an offer to open the new Citibank e-Savings Account. Already a Citibank customer, I thought that this new savings product with 5% APR would fit me perfectly. I went online but couldn’t find any way to sign up through my internet banking account. So I called my account manager […]