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    Using Technology to Save Lives at the Grocery Store

    Posted by Luis Serpa on March 31, 2009 - 9:53 PM

    Why put the responsibility on customers to check out recalled products that can hurt or, sometimes, even kill them? 

    Yes, companies (or interested parties) try all they can to push the information to all involved so they can take action before something happens, but why not use the power of technology to avoid a potential customer experience nightmare?

    Well, some ideas around that are starting to brew among California lawmakers:  program supermarkets computers to trigger an alert when recalled products arrive at the checkout counter.  This would be a perfect way to stop tainted food from ever reaching the consumers’ table.

    The idea seems sound and is actually not that difficult to implement.  Most big chains already have systems in place to process marketing and loyalty promotion associated with products at checkout. Adding another trigger is mostly a matter of finding an effective way of distributing updated lists of recalled products.

    Besides the obvious reasons to do this (say: saving lives!), it could save the companies a lot of money in handling after-the fact complains and, in the worst cases, negative publicity. 

    I can’t wait to see something like this being implemented outside of California and beyond just supermarkets and grocery stores.  With something like that, the next peanut/pistachio salmonella outbreak may look a lot less scary on your grocery shopping experience. 

    Wouldn’t you agree?

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