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    My #FollowFriday List on Twitter

    Posted by Luis Serpa on May 30, 2009 - 5:40 PM

    Usually, I don’t use this space (my personal blog) to talk about Twitter stuff, but a couple of friends started a new trend on Twitter that has the potential of making my Friday’s tweets way easier…

    If you have been on Twitter long enough, you surely have heard already about #FollowFriday (if you didn’t, here’s a link to a post explaining it by the guy who created it: @micah). I particularly love FollowFridays and I stress over it every week trying to remember everyone I need to mention on my tweets.

    But FollowFriday tweets are only useful to others if you tweet a reason for your recommendation, so they can decide if they want to follow that person or not. As your follower list grows, it gets harder and harder to write decent 140 characters explanations for each recommendation without having to used canned answers or taking the whole Friday off from work.

    Then a friend, @Area224, decided to find a way to give order and reason to this mess and so he created the FollowFriday #tlist (Twitter List – You can find his list here).  Since then, another good friend, @ginidietrich, decided to copy his idea and, since I didn’t want to be the last one to join the cool kids club, I decided to do the same.  :-)

    So here’s my list (It’s a working document, I update it every Friday to add new people and keep it current):

    1) People I love connecting and talking every day (or at least every once in a while…)

    @Gofurther – He works with me every day and somehow has managed not to kill me (YET)! he’s a good friend that’s always concerned with the wellbeing of others and ready to help.  On top of that, he’s a brilliant customer relationship person who has fascinating views on digital user experience.

    @GiniDietrich – What can I say about Gini? She’s a natural people connector (and a very good one at that!).  She becomes the center of any conversation without any effort and has an immense capability of making everyone like her immediately. She’s smart, intelligent, witty, sassy (she’ll love to hear that) and has tons of sense of humor even when the joke is on her – except when you start spreading around that she is a White Sox fan… Then she becomes a real hooligan ;-)

    @Hooshy – Hooshy could really make a living out of interrogating people.  She has one of those trustworthy faces that get you spilling the beans about your whole life in just a few minutes (not matter how shy you may be).  She’s is very funny and seems to be honestly happy all the time (and she has a crazy idea for a new restaurant that is just awesome.  If I had any money i’d be investing on her).

    @JuliBarcelona – She’s a sweetheart. Always smiling and trying to connect with people.  She keeps saying she is shy and not good at networking with people… So far I don’t believe it at all ;) When you get to know Juli she is very funny, smart and determined

    @SEOCopy (she also goes by @level343 and God know how many others) – Gabi is one of those non-stop persons.  She has a serious case of multiple personalities on Twitter and all of them are fun to talk with.  In a place where people try to create a brand out of themselves and be recognized every single time (Twitter), she goes the opposite way and is always surpising me with different twitter handles and a miryad of ever changing avatars.   But I really do love that she always have that almost subtle sarcasm and keen irony on everything she writes.

    @SarahRobinson – (I will have to paraphrase Gini here) Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. She is one of my all-time favorites on Twitter and she’s the creator of #TweepleTuesday.   I never met her in person but from talking to her on twitter I have the impression she is one of the sweetest person in the face of earth.  Somehow she made me her unofficial twitter apps beta tester (LOL!) and I willingly accepted the role…

    @justinthesouth – Justin is the type of guy that (if you let him) will keep the conversation going over and over.  He’s always fast to reply and is always adding more people to the conversation.  He will definitely entertain you and keep you from closing twitter ;)  I hope to meet him in person one day.

    @FoiledCupcakes Mari looks at first like a shy and quiet girl but when you last expect she opens a huge smile and tell you dirty words in Portuguese! :D  She’s very fun to talk to and she is the owner of Foiled Cupcakes. Her cupcakes (the chocolate ones at least) are highly addictive and i can surely tell, because I used to hate cupcakes before meeting her.

    @JeannieCW I worked with Jeannie for close to 4 years and just the fact she was able to “get”  and handle me when I was barely capable of making myself understood in English says a lot about her (Nowadays my english has improved but I still barely capable of making myself understood one way or the other…) She is nice person even though she can surprise you with her musical taste (you will have to ask her that :-D).

    @BLFarris has one of those infectious laughs. When he laughs, you can’t help but laugh (his voice and laugh can be recognized a mile away – which is good because I am usually the loudest person in a room until he arrives).  Plus he has great business ideas and insights.

    @Gennefer@DaveJohnston – I follow Gennefer since she was known in the twitterverse as @Acclimedia.  She always has something to say about Branding and Customer Experience (good or bad) and I have learned to respect her opinion.  Also, she introduced me to Dave who is a crazy fun guy always ready to tweet his opinion (wheather you want to hear it or not) :)

    @DanielHindin and @big_teeth – Great guys doing great work with video.  I’m just getting to know them and they are as funny in person as they are online.  Besides, if you follow him, you can join #embarrassdanielhindin, just because it’s fun.

    @LenKendall – Len is a great guy. I started talking with him without actually knowing who he was and how well recognized he is within the Twitter community.  Seems to me that he one of those few with a reputation that reflects who he genuinely is.  Totally worth following.@Julito77 – When I was introduced to Julio on Twitter I could swear he was Brazilian… He’s not, but he does  have latino blood and seems to be always excited and happy with life when he talks. Very easy going and overall nice guy (and his brother, @fernandovarela, is a great singer).

    2) Some good people I don’t talk quite so often (but should)

    @PaulaMBHall – Paula is a fellow brazilian that works in PR and lives in Phoenix.  Amazingly enough, we never met in Brazil and were introduced by e-mail through a common (American) friend that moved from Chicago to Phoenix (small world, huh?).  So far I learned that Paula has a great sense of humor and is extremely engaged with people’s rights and politics.  I’m looking forward to get to know her better.@luckee13 – She is a felow chicagoan that brings up good discussions and information. Always a good voice to hear in the twittercrowd.

    @GeorgeAtha – He’s always helpful and reachable and he seems to be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

    @CesLSU Ces seems to be a very energetic and fun guy.  I didnt have a lot of opportunities to talk with in directly yet but have been following his tweets closely and I can say for sure that he is very engaging and is loved by a lot of people that I respect.  If that doesn’t make him worthy of a recommendation, I don’t know what does :-)

    @BillTamminga – He reaches out to people and has a spiced sense of humor sometimes (anyone that can take @ginidietrich out of her cool deserves some attention).  All in all he’s a nice guy.

    @hollisthomases – Witty tweets and funny remarks. I barely started following her and already get curious to see what she will tweet next.  We have so many friends in common on twitter that we were bound to cross each others path at some point.

    3) People from #sushiclubchicago:

    These tweeps I can talk more about them in person than actually their tweets, but I meet all of them through Twitter in one TweetUp or other.  Now they are all meeting for sushi at #sushiclubchicago and they are great people to hang out with:

    4) People I follow just to hear what they have to say:

    Even though I use Twitter mostly as place to connect with others, there are some people that I like to follow either because they are always tweeting about good links and references (things that are either very fun or very useful for my work) or they are Authorities on their fields and sources of information you cannot just ignore.  Some of those are:

    If you’re not on this list, I swear it wasn’t on purpose. I tried to get through as many people as I have engaged with either in real life or on a daily basis on Twitter. Don’t be afraid to DM me so I don’t miss you next week and feel free to add your comments!



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    9 Responses to “My #FollowFriday List on Twitter”

    1. Luis,

      Obrigado por me incluir na sua lista.

      Um abração e ótima semana!


    2. I love that you added two additional groups. Great idea!

      This is very funny and filled with love. Thank you!

    3. Gabriella says:

      Luis, I am honored, and thrilled you decided to add two of my personalities on #FollowFriday List on Twitter. Maybe one day, I will give you the others. You see in my line of work “everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.”
      I am glad I saw some of my favorites on your list… @Gofurther, @GiniDietrich, @justinthesouth, @JuliBarcelona – Thanks for being genuine and real.

    4. Hooshna says:

      Dear Luis, thank you for the heartfelt #followfriday love. Each day, as I spread the gospel of unconscious inference and cognitive bartering (and all of the crazy UI/UX psych stuff I have yet to suck out from your brain) you are very fondly remembered :) Here’s to more bean spilling!

    5. Jeannie says:

      Obrigado…or however you say it. Thanks for the nice words, but lay off my music! ;-)

    6. Mike (@gofurther) says:

      Luis, thank you, good sir! What more can I say about this guy other than he’s one of the best all-around people I know. Professionally, personally and even as a vegetable – I’m a big fan. Nobody is more giving of himself than Luis and the relationships he has developed over the span of his very interesting life are evidence of that. And even though he stole some of his shout-out material for me from @ginidietrich, I’ll always be grateful to him.

    7. Chanthana says:

      Luis – What a great site! And thank you for including me in your list for #followfriday. I won’t be at the next sushi club event, but hope to attend the one after. And I’m looking forward to chatting with you at future #sushiclubchicago dinners.

    8. Mari says:

      Thanks, Luis! I need to learn some legitimate Portuguese. I like your list! Thanks for introducing me to some new people. You are a great connector as well!

    9. cheth says:

      nice list. glad to be a part of it. and find a lot of buddies around :)

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