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    Give Your Ideas Directly to Obama

    Posted by Luis Serpa on January 19, 2009 - 10:26 AM

    Everyone has been talking about how Obama’s campaign used the power of Social Networks and the Internet.  There’s also been a lot of buzz around how the same concepts and innovations could be used to improve the effectiveness of his presidency and turn it into a truly participative democracy.

    The expectations around what the Transition Team will do is very high, but bit by bit they’ve been testing new concepts and ideas, showing again that they DO get what Web 2.0 is all aboutand that there’s definitely a plan to use it as a major tool for change.

    First they virtually invited citizens to participate in Transition Team’s meetings with the Your Seat at the Table policy and now they are raising the stakes even more with the new Citizen’s Briefing Book initiative.

    The Citizen Briefing Book is basically an online forum for citizens to send ideas and, at the same time, discuss and rate these ideas.  The best ideas (based on rates and comments) will rise to the top of the list and will be printed in the Briefing Book that President Barrack Obama gets from his experts and advisors for his analysis. (See also the technology behind it)

    Both mentioned initiatives have very simple concepts and are based on examples of Social Media, CrowdSourcing and Social Bookmarking already available online in sites like Amazon, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon and several others. So the ideas may not be totally new, but the scale and possible impact to the whole society is immense.

    Just as a social experiment, these efforts will certainly bring new findings on users’ behavior and crowd psychology that will help companies understand and improve their online customer experience and, above all, will represent an invaluable potential for change.

    See original post at Vox Inc – Customerspective Blog

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    3 Responses to “Give Your Ideas Directly to Obama”

    1. Eric Wyman says:

      I don’t know much about the government and I don’t know how the money crisis is to be worked but I had an idea on it, not sure if it is a good one. But, my idea is lower the prices on things and maybe the taxes until we start coming out of the hole. The way I see it, is that if the people saw that everything was getting cheaper they would start buying more things. And instead of letting people develope more, make them sell every little piece of developement that they have. I’m talking about big developing companies and for every piece of property charge them some kind of fee. Like I said before I don’t know if these ideas will work but I thought that I would put them out there.

    2. CJ says:

      With respect to the economy, I have an idea. If we built a canal of sufficient width and depth to create a new shipping lane for the US from its southern most borders in the South of Texas to Southern California we could create new markets for the southwestern states, introduce new tourism, secure our borders, and introduce new revenues and growth. In the process, if done well, such a canal could enable the South/Southwestern states to tap into the canal as a future water and/or power source enabling growth in those areas.

    3. brian reeves says:

      I have some ideas to balance the budget. First we sell off nonesential military bases to Nato or the govenment of the country they are in, or nonprofit peace organizations like the red cross.

      Secondly since the government put us in this situation. All elected officials take a $50,000 paycut. Then pass a law in which the american people vote on government officials salerys and benifits. I fthey don’t want the people to have anything. Then we the people should be able to decide on what you get. Plus all there personal office employees should be paid buy them not the american people.

      Thirdly, All government workers ( non elected officials) take 12.5 cent/ hour paycut. Which equalls $5 a week or $260 a year. If the are under salery it is a $260 paycut. Now multipy this buy the number of govenment workers there are and you will see the savings.

      fourthly, Cut all military sponsership of nascar raceteams,and other sporting events.

      fifthly,Pass a law that within 2 years all corpriatly owned gas stations have to offer E85 and hydrogen at all there stations. and all privatly owed stations have to add one of these two options in 5 years .

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