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    Your Customers’ Brains are Changing!

    Posted by Luis Serpa on November 24, 2008 - 7:27 PM

    Brain Mouse

    It’s official!  The new generation’s brains REALLY ARE wired to better handle the speed of the digital life (Read the Research).

    Problems generated by this change aside (and despite how amazed we can be sometimes with these kids’ feats – see video below), the fact is that people’s way of thinking have adapted to instantly process huge amounts of information and make “go/no-go” actions almost unconscious (such as scanning several links in a Google results page and immediately deciding which ones to click and which ones to ignore).

    The effect is strikingly similar to something commonly observed on robotic applications and the study of behavior-based artificial Intelligence, where decisions and reactions are based on many different behavior-based processes all working at the same time and linked in particular ways.  This is called Reactive Reasoning, because it involves actions triggered by reacting to the environment rather than deliberation or cognitive assessment. Basically, it is acting without planning.

    The practical aspect of knowledge for your business is that users are even less capable now of rationalizing and explaining why they do what they do, deeming satisfaction surveys and traditional customer interviews even more misleading.  This should reinforce a company’s concerns about understanding the subtle factors that can and will affect their users’ online experience and push their strategies towards more customer-centric designs, achieved through real behavioral and cognitive user tests. 


    See original post at Vox Inc.

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