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    Archive for November, 2008

    Your Customers’ Brains are Changing!

    It’s official!  The new generation’s brains REALLY ARE wired to better handle the speed of the digital life (Read the Research). Problems generated by this change aside (and despite how amazed we can be sometimes with these kids’ feats – see video below), the fact is that people’s way of thinking have adapted to instantly process […]

    Now YOU Are the Billboard

                  It is just me or the lines between media channels are becoming even blurrier these days?  Don’t mind campaigns that go cross-channel and campaign pieces that can be followed on facebook or twitter, now they can be followed as well on the CUSTOMER ITSELF. ”GirlInYourShirt” is offering exactly […]

    “Beam me up Scotty!” Google brings us one step closer to the future…

    Today, Google is launching a new way of doing searches, using the iPhone as a market test. If it works half as good as it looks like it does in the video above, then a future where we interface computers just by talking is nearby. A shift like this does not only change how people […]

    Will Obama provide a better environment for User Experience (UX) to thrive?

    Just one day after the election, in a discussion group for UX practitioners and Information architects, I saw a post asking people’s take on the U.S. election with respect to UX & Usability.  Specifically, it was asking if either McCain or Obama would provide a better environment for UX to thrive… Well, my first reaction was to […]