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    Will AT&T Rot Apple’s iPhone?

    Posted by Luis Serpa on July 31, 2007 - 10:09 PM

    Apple iPhone Usability and At&TAs expected, what really stands out about the new Apple iPhone isn’t the multitude of features squeezed into it, but rather its usability and the overall Customer Experience provided.

    Apple understands the importance of superior usability to enhance the Customer Experience and has done an excellent job of this since rolling out the first Macintosh.  Their approach has created a strong community of believersand that’s the whole point!  Apple doesn’t have customers, they have Evangelists! When Apple receives a negative review, their customers fight to defend the company and their products.

    If this doesn’t prove the importance of Customer Experience I don’t know what does.

    Apple’s commitment to Customer Experience is why, on my opinion, their decision to enter the wireless market and partner with AT&T is so risky. I am very curious to see how the marriage between Apple and AT&T will play out from a customer perspective, as both companies seem to have very different ideas about what constitutes a GOOD Customer Experience.  Apple is a shining example of a company that creates passionate users by providing an excellent overall Customer Experience. While AT&T, like the majority of wireless providers I have tested, boasts about their customer service, but often fails to meet even the most basic customer expectations.

    Apple and AT&TWill Apple bring AT&T up to their level or will AT&T’s poor customer service leave a permanent scar on Apple’s Customer Experience reputation?

    Only time will tell…

    Originally published on Vox Customerspective Blog 

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    2 Responses to “Will AT&T Rot Apple’s iPhone?”

    1. Kim says:

      As you mentioned, most wireless providers are terrible at Customer Experience. I think most people realize that and won’t blame Apple for AT&T’s incompetency.

      It’s a shame though that ALL the major wireless companies are overall too greedy, lazy and stupid to get it right. Too bad Apple couldn’t have trained them or something. It’s really not that difficult.

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