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    How to wreck your Marketing Efforts in just 3 Steps!

    Posted by Luis Serpa on August 29, 2007 - 9:12 PM

    Sometimes companies will bend backwards, and spend a lot of money, creating ad concepts that will highlight how great their Customer Experience is, but no matter how much one invests on marketing campaigns, if the ACTUAL experience doesn’t correspond to what you’re promising, the message you send to your customers will be completely different.

    One of those situations just happened to UPS and is quickly propagating through the internet (thanks to Jason Harle for pointing it out to me):

    Step 1 – Take a look at this flash banner ad (It was originally found at The UPS Store website)

    Sending a college care package? Find the nearest location.

    Step 2 – Watch this video (available at YouTube and at The Consumerist)

    Step 3 – Repeat and laugh…

    Now, do you think anyone, after seeing this, will believe the ad? Yeah, definitely a market budget “well” spent!

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    2 Responses to “How to wreck your Marketing Efforts in just 3 Steps!”

    1. Bill Puller says:

      Maybe it shows just how well The UPS Store packaged it. So well it can survive a drivers toss.

    2. Luis Serpa says:

      Maybe so, Bill (and I really hope that’s the case, because I am also a customer).
      However, we are talking here about perception and word-of-mouth. The video is virally spreading over the internet and the UPS version of the truth won’t really matter face the simple impression anyone gets from the act registered in that video.
      Like I mentioned on my last post, no matter if the customer is actually right, the company has a lot more to lose in brand awareness and public image than the customer does.

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