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    Archive for August, 2007

    How to wreck your Marketing Efforts in just 3 Steps!

    Sometimes companies will bend backwards, and spend a lot of money, creating ad concepts that will highlight how great their Customer Experience is, but no matter how much one invests on marketing campaigns, if the ACTUAL experience doesn’t correspond to what you’re promising, the message you send to your customers will be completely different. One of […]

    Vox Study Reveals Ongoing Problems with Auto Insurance Websites

    I am proud to announce that Vox’s 2007 Automobile Insurance Mind Model Study is now available (this represents a considerable part of my work, so I better be proud :) ).  Anyway, the study examines the online channel to determine industry-wide norms and discover why companies succeed or fail in attracting and retaining customers. If […]

    Is “Playing the Field” Worth Losing the One You’re With?

    Stop right there! If you were looking for some “how to improve your love life” article, you came to the wrong place. Rather, I would like to explore how the emotions involved in customer relationships are strangely similar to those you have with your loved ones. … Well, customers may be willing to share the […]