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    Tearing Money

    Posted by Luis Serpa on October 26, 2006 - 9:26 AM

    Money in the trash - Tearing MoneyIf you lived your whole life in the U.S., you may be oblivious to some curious everyday situations that I, as an outsider, can’t help but to find amusing.

    For example, everyday I tear money apart.

    No, I am not saying that I spend more than I should on a daily basis. I am stating that I LITERALLY tear money apart.  EVERYDAY!

    Before you start cursing some made up foreign habit of throwing money away, let me explain: Given that all my normal written communication with friends and family is done through the Internet, every time I check my mailbox I rest assured to find only bills and direct marketing. Additionally, I frequently find marketing pieces disguised as money.

    Some are checks for pre-approved loans that I didn’t ask for, some are checks to transfer debts to one of my credit cards, and finally some are checks for refund on the first month fee of a new bank service that I don’t want to sign-up for.

    So, after the revision of delivered mail, I often pick the bills to be paid and immediately tear apart all the  “checks”, before I feel an urge to credit any of them.

    That said, I can’t avoid the sense of wrongness when I think how I dutifully send my money to pay others and, at the same moment, I am throwing away any money that others send to me…

    Maybe I am just crazy, but it helps me to think that if the global economy usually doesn’t make sense to me, why my personal one should? In any case, now I can understand a little bit why so many Americans are always in debt.

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