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    Not all your customers are equal…

    Posted by Luis Serpa on September 14, 2006 - 6:08 PM

    When I was a kid, I was the one who would dismantle mom’s new blender to see how it worked… Sometimes, I would even put it back together again. Then, I grew up and became a computer geek. No surprise there, but the point is: I am proud of knowing how electronic equipment works and for being able to assemble anything on my own. So, when I call some 1-800 number for technical support (especially Comcast’s), I really believe I have narrowed down all possibilities on my side of the line.

    Unfortunately, there is where my trial by fire begins. Call Center people always talk as if I’d never seen a TV or a cable box before. Then they start to spit their meticulously scripted sentences to me from the beginning. Even if it is the fifth time I am calling that day! That’s when I get the feeling of being some kind of robotized, standardized, and minimalized audience. Not at all special, or worst: not any different from anyone else.

    I can understand that they prepare themselves to deal with people that are even afraid of touching the TV, but 1-800 numbers should be able to identify the customer’s profile and offer different strokes for different folks. At least, they should be able to verify that it is not the first time someone is calling for the same reason and drop some lines off the script. A simple attitude change probably would be enough to gather the customer’s appreciation, a more effective support, and less time spent on the line for both sides.

    “Not all customers are equal”. Everyone should already know that. I just hope it doesn’t take to long now, because I am still waiting on the line.

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    3. […] I called Apple’s technical support and, despite the not-so-short wait time, the call-center rep listened to my description of the events, confirmed the actions I had taken already and didn’t seem to be reading from a script where she would make me repeat every single action I had already described in the beginning. (They seemed to understand that Not All Customers are Equal.) […]

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