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    Does price matter?

    Posted by Luis Serpa on September 3, 2006 - 8:22 AM

    Does Price Matter?I usually say that I am a very practical person. I am proud of my capacity to research the best possible deal before purchasing anything. Moreover, when asked, I always say that price DOES matter to me. It matters a lot!

    Well, if this is true, why do I frequently end up paying more for the products and services I buy?

    To answer that, I started recalling my last purchases.

    • First, my wife’s birthday present – OK, that doesn’t count… I couldn’t be concerned with price on a special date. It HAD to be the right gift!
    • Second, our last vacation – Yeah, I didn’t get the cheapest package available, but it was our vacation! Why not seize the moment and get something better.
    • Finally, our last grocery purchase – That should be an easy one… Hmm… I could have bought less expensive stuff, maybe used some coupons. But what can I do if the products I like most are not on promotion. After all, I can’t spend all my valuable free time saving a cent or two.

    After analyzing that, I came to the conclusion that nothing really went wrong and that, despite my bravado about low prices, what really matters to me is the tingling feeling that I made the right choice and bought what I really wanted or what I really needed, for me and for my loved ones. There is no better deal than that!

    Yeah, well. I think I am no different from any other consumer after all…

    *This post was originally published at the Customerspective Blog

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