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    Archive for October, 2006

    Halloween – A Spooky Customer Experience

    “Hey,” – said the little boy. – “You have a very scary house…” Given the circumstances, I took that as a compliment. After all, it was Halloween and all kids were going from house to house in search of candy and the best spooky experience. But the comment got me thinking about how Customer Experience […]

    Tearing Money

    If you lived your whole life in the U.S., you may be oblivious to some curious everyday situations that I, as an outsider, can’t help but to find amusing. For example, everyday I tear money apart. No, I am not saying that I spend more than I should on a daily basis. I am stating […]

    Today I almost bought a car… (Part 2)

    Ok, I have to confess: After my last post (Today I almost bought a car…), I was tempted to come back immediately and close the deal.  Besides, The fact that the car was packed with all kinds of buttons, knobs and levers really helped to keep the whole situation fresh in my mind. So, refreshed […]

    Today I almost bought a car…

    I wasn’t planning to. It was late, I hadn’t ate anything at all, and I definitely wasn’t in the mood to hear any sales pitch. However, since my wife is traveling and had nobody waiting for me at home, I decided to make a quick stop at dealership just to have a glance on the […]

    The importance of User Tests

    I still remember the first time I witnessed a user testing session.  It was a simple project, the type we were recognized for our expertise and could almost consider effortless.  On this one though we were very enthusiastic about some cutting edge functionalities that would, supposedly, make the site at least twice as easier to […]

    The downside of web’s social networking services.

    “Orkut, Linkedin, Friendster, Technorati,, Digg…”  The list grows bigger and bigger each day.  And I am not even close to covering all the other websites and e-commerce venues that offer some kind of social networking feature to improve sales and/or increase references. With all the buzz around them, do social networking services work? Definitely.  […]

    Bad, BAD Customer… No soup for you!!!

    “That’s it! I’ve been on hold for the past 45 min! If you don’t transfer me right now, I will…” – CLICK – And after that, all you hear is the dreadful tone of the busy line, indicating that, despite all your threats, you were disconnected – AGAIN!   If you ever suspected the call-center reps […]

    Usability is not restricted to the internet

    With so much talk around Web Usability, it is easy to forget that Usability is a much broader concept and can be applied to almost everything.   By definition, Usability is the easy with which people can employ a tool or human made object to achieve a particular goal.  Lately, this definition has expanded to […]