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    Archive for September, 2006

    Website Tweakers!

    What are website tweakers?  According to Seth Godin, they are professionals capable of increasing a website results by improving its pages just a bit (or, better yet, with just a little tweak.)  He posted a call for tweakers on his blog and got tons of responses. So, if you are in need of tweakers for […]

    California’s New Auto Insurance Regulations: If You Can’t Fight It, Ride It!

    Every now and then, our worlds change to the point that nothing is ever the same again. It may be for the better. It may not be. But one thing is for sure, we all have to be prepared to adapt. It seems the insurance market is witnessing one of these moments in the wake […]

    Very very VERY basic usability…

    Some usability concepts are so basic that some companies seem to forget. The most important of them is “Give your users what they are looking for”. AT&T, supposedly a communications company, seemed not to have grasped that yet, keeping  their most obvious information – their PHONE NUMBER – five clicks away from frustrated users. See this at […]

    You have the Customers you deserve…

    Here are two examples in the opposite side of the Customer Experience spectrum: The first one was pointed out today by Seth Godin in his blog and is a perfect case of holding a grudge against your customers without learning how to deal with them. At the “Four Paws Design” website, an oblivious customer may […]

    Customer Retention: Shift Your Perspective*

    Maybe I am a pessimist, but I think many companies today focus all their efforts and budgets on projects that don’t solve their main problem. They wait too long to realize when they need specialized help. It’s like being concerned with making dinner while the house is on fire. You don’t call 911 until the […]

    How to Deal with an Angry Customer

    I just read a entry on Seth Godin’s Blog that can be very helpful for people working with Call Centers and Customer Services. As always, Seth’s guide is simple and obvious, as it is supposed to be. But again, it may not be so obvious, given the number of companies that still have no clue […]

    Not all your customers are equal…

    When I was a kid, I was the one who would dismantle mom’s new blender to see how it worked… Sometimes, I would even put it back together again. Then, I grew up and became a computer geek. No surprise there, but the point is: I am proud of knowing how electronic equipment works and […]

    Security Breaches: Trash to Treasure?

    Several shocking security breaches, compromising the personal data of millions of customers, have been reported lately. Below are just a few of the most flagrant cases: – Chase trashes 2.6M customer files – Second Lifers’ ‘first life’ hacked – Wells Fargo leaks personal data – AT&T deceptive on data theft What amazes me about these […]